Legalese Features

A New Way To Connect In The Legal Field

Legalese helps lawyers and clients get more done.

Client Features

From start to finish Legalese makes the legal process simpler while giving you more control and greater attorney access

Legalese makes it easy for you to:

Chat with lawyers in your area

Compare lawyer fees

Schedule meetings with lawyers

Have easy access to your lawyer

Send your lawyer messages

Keep your legal events organized

Keep important information about your case in one place

Get real time updates from lawyers

Lawyer Features

With Legalese you can centralize client management, access new revenue, and increase client satisfaction

Legalese makes it easy for you to:

Connect with potential clients

Communicate effectively with clients

Consolidate existing clients and cases on one platform

Easily schedule meetings

Communicate easily with your clients

Send and receive documents

Chat with any lawyer on the platform

Client App Screens

Lawyer App Screens

Our Development Kits & Frameworks

We use only the most cutting edge development frameworks to accomplish tremendous things. We challenge you to find a single person who isn’t excited about the potential behind Flutter & Dart. Dart is the reinvention of JavaScript, which can compile to every device type in their preferred operating languages, all from a single code base.

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