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Legalese provides a central place for lawyers and clients to interact and breaks down the barriers to legal access

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the legal system accessible to everyone and to improve people's experience in what can be an uninviting industry. We are building a platform that we believe in and one that can effect real change.

Our Founders

Nedu Nweze (left), co-founder and CEO of Legalese, is a criminal defense attorney based out of Portland, Oregon. Matthew Thomas (right), co-founder, owns and operates an investigation business based out of Portland, Oregon. Nedu and Matt used their experience and knowledge in the legal field to create Legalese.

What Needs Do We Plan To Meet In The Future?

We are constantly thinking about more efficient ways to do tasks surrounding legal services. We can help you to be a better Lawyer and Client, as we add additional features to our systems down the road. Let us know which features you find to be most important and where we might improve. You can always reach us through our form and we will be sure to reply and thank you for any suggestions.

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What future features would be of the most interest to you?

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