Legalese Is The New Legal Ecosystem

With all of your legal communications in one place, the law is made easier

we keep everyone connected

Connecting Clients to Lawyers

Find a Lawyer, Send your lawyer instant messages, photos and documents. Keep court dates and meetings organized with synced calendars. Invite loved ones to view your case and interact with your lawyer.

Connecting Lawyers to Clients

Connect with potential clients. Easily keep clients updated with important information regarding their case with chat and calendar feature. Interact with client's authorized friends and family all in one place.

Connecting Lawyers with Lawyers

Like email, but better. Look up any lawyer on the platform and send thread-based messages. Get the flexibility of instant messaging with the structure and utility of email.

Finding a lawyer is stress free

Start a case and you will have access to potential potential lawyers who can help. The ability to instantly open up a line of communication with multiple lawyers reduces the stress of selecting the right one for you.  Easily assign your lawyer of choice to your case.

Have better Access to your lawyer

Send messages, documents, and photos to your lawyer with an easy to use chat feature. Create chat threads for your case involving various topics to ensure you and your lawyer are on the same page.

get more control over your case

Keep your important dates organized and stay up to date with notifications when your lawyer updates events. Easily control who participates in your case with the ability to share case permissions and individual documents with your family or associates who you want involved in the case.

World Class Data Encryption

Your information is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard so you know that your data is secure.

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